Glass molded lips by Mark - oh so luscious

This big sister is a genious

This exciting Lamp Shade was handmade by my big sister, Michelle.  I want it to illumiate the image from the negative onto the wall.  This can be the next project....



This gives working at home a whole new meaning.  How about walking into your backyard and working in this beauty.  No distractions from your home environment...Read more here.  Something about a round room seems very comforting like a cocoon, but with a door.


Building that grows its own Skin

This building was designed by the California based company Faulders Studio.  This is a proposal for a building in Dubai (they get all the great buildings).  This building would grow it's own skin generating Salin from the golf coast as the base of the skin. You can read more about here.

Wexlers Restaurant, San Francisco

Designed by Aidlin Darling Design , San Francisco.  I love this ceiling.

One of each please

This Japanese company Seal makes these great shoes and bags out of recycled tires.  Otherwise know as Upcycling.


Grass Hair Piece by Tord Boontje

This is a Grass Hair Piece for "Lace in Translation" at Philadelphia University's Design Center.  Read more about it here.

The Shell House

Designed by the Japanese Architect Firm Artechnic. This plendid creation is located
in Karuizawa, Japan.  The design is based on a cross-section of a sea shell with lot's of curves.  Check out more here.  I am drooling just a little bit.



More Lights I like

This glowing set is the latest in the labware lighting range from Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with British manufacturer Authentics. Hubert has created three test tube inspired designs which may be displayed as floor lights or hanging pendent bulbs.

Choosing a light

We own a house that was built in 1911.  I  am trying to pick a light for the new office room. In trying to keep somewhat with the period of the house, but also with the desk that is mid-century modern, I have turned to Schoolhouse Electric.

I also have a special place in my heart for the Sputnik

Fusion 2009

Late last year a couple of friends and I participated in Fusion 2009.  Here are the dresses we made. The lovley models where Clara Douglas and Jana Forsland.   A local photographer by the name of Jessica Mealey took some beautiful pictures for free.  You can see her other work at Studio 414 Photography


South Korea Unveils Stunning Eco Dome Environmental Center

The National Ecological Institute of South Korea recently released plans for a large-scale nature reserve complete with an incredible series of eco domes, an education center, and an environmental think-tank. Designed by SAMOO, the Ecorium Project will be a striking environmental center comprising thousands of acres of open space in addition to greenhouses and a visitor center. Much like the Eden Project in the UK, the Ecorium Project will serve to educate people about nature, and provide a space for study of the world’s eco-systems and how best to protect them.